[Decider] Bouncers

The process that you refer to is unnecessarily restrictive! Clearly, it is enough to validate the Verifier rather than the Decider. How the Decider arrives at its conclusions is irrelevant – as long as its output can be verified, that should be enough.

  • For Translated Cyclers, the verification process is trivial. So any machine that has a verifiable certificate should be accepted.
  • For Bouncers, the verification process (as documented on GitHub) is more complicated. But it is still simpler than the Decider. Validating my Decider is unnecessary.
  • I have an idea for useful verification data for HaltingSegments. I have modified my Halting Segments Decider so that it visits the search nodes in exactly the same order as @Iijil’s go implementation. Now when I arrive at a node that has already been seen according to my broader criterion (see [Decider] Halting Segment - #5 by TonyG) I can output the IndexString of the original matched node into the dvf, along with the index of the search node where it is required. So it is a simple matter to verify that the current position satisfies the IndexString according to my criteria. (Never mind if this explanation is a little incomplete; when I have the code ready I will post a fuller account on Deciders:Halting Segments. My point is that we don’t have to restrict ourselves artificially to validating Deciders, when there are other ways of achieving the confidence level required.)