Req: List Reason on Machine pages

I implemented the feature:
Screenshot from 2022-06-11 21-52-34

This required:

  1. Making a custom library for binary search in binary files:
  2. Adapting the backend for it: fa45d51
  3. Adapting the frontend for it: c8d094d

EDIT: There seems to be a bug, I have temporarily disabled the feature and will debug it tomorrow.

The bug is fixed! I learnt to that occasion the funny thing that had been decided by both [Decider] Backward reasoning and [Decider] Translated cyclers (machine index present in two files, this can happen in some rare instances where we rolled-back the undecided index). The feature shows just one decider (whichever the backend finds first while looking through index files) as being decided by multiple deciders will be a rare event.

However, contrarily to what I said here before, has not been decided by Backward Reasoning and only by Translated Cyclers.