[Debate & Vote] Deciders' validation process

Since bbchallenge has launched it has not been very clear what is the process by which a decider is officially accepted and applied to reduce the size of the index of undecided machines.

We have tried to organise votes on a per-decider basis but it turned out to be tedious as well as loosely defined (what are we voting for?).

Hence the idea, to vote here, once and for all, on the due diligence process to be completed by a candidate decider for it to be officially accepted and applied.

The following process is proposed:

  1. The candidate decider and associated results (set of decided machines) are published on the forum and follow the principles of our reproducibility and verifiability statement.
  2. The decider decides >= 10% of the remaining undecided machines.
  3. The decider is reproduced by someone else than the author, and the results match.
  4. A formal proof of correctness is given for the decider and is validated by at least one other person than the author of the decider or the author of the proof.

If all those steps are realised, the decider is officially applied and the index of undecided machines.

Vote: you can either vote in favor or against this proposal and/or feel free to suggest modifications to this proposal to be debated.


Sounds good to me. Of course this still leaves open the question of who decides that all of these steps have been achieved :slight_smile: But I think having a set of core members empowered to do that makes sense to me. De-facto this would at least be the set of folks who can modify the webpage / github.


Good point! For the next few deciders, given our small scale, I was thinking of making an announcement on discord when I believe that a decider meets the requirements and if no one objects within two weeks or so, to apply it officially.

The policy that I have in mind for GitHub for now is that anyone who makes a PR that is merged should be added as an editor of the repo. When times permits I should automatise the deployment of the website when edits are made on GitHub so that it does not rely on me.

Thanks again for your thoughts,

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Yes, I really like this “does anyone object” style post vs. the “shall we approve” vote.

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I am in favor of the above process, and in favor of the addition you mention later where you announce the proposal to apply a decider, and then apply it if no one objects.

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