[Decider] Bouncers

In compliance with our validation process, we’re officially releasing the decider for bouncers today!

  1. The formal presentation and proof of correctness of the decider is given in Section 7 of bbchallenge’s official write-up.

  2. The method decided 29,799 machines (91%) over the 32,632 that were left undecided after the previous [Decider] Finite Automata Reduction release.

  3. The official undecided index has been updated and certificates for the bouncers released: https://github.com/bbchallenge/bbchallenge-undecided-index/releases/tag/bouncers.

  4. The implementations (and reproductions) for the decider are:

Many thanks to @TonyG for initially presenting the method and to all the contributors that have participated in the release: @Iijil, @savask, @meithecatte, @UncombedCoconut, Pascal Michel, @cosmo.

Beaverly yours,


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