[July 16th 2022] Standard text format for TMs and 2 deciders in review

After a lengthy discussion and a vote on this forum (Standard TM Text format) and on discord, a standard text format for specifying Turing machines has been collaboratively crafted:


A few points about this format:

  1. No spaces
  2. _ delimits rows
  3. Halting transitions can be given either as:
    • Undefined: ---
    • Defined: 1RZ, using any state letter that is bigger or equal to A+n with n the number of states of the machine

This new format is now live on the website: https://bbchallenge.org/1RB---_0LC1LC_0RD0LB_1RA0RE_1RD1RZ

On the topic of deciders, collaborator @Iijil has submitted no less than 2 deciders for the challenge ([Decider] Unilateral Bouncers and [Decider] Halting Segment) which are expected to decide in the order of 1 million of the remaining undecided machines.

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