Possible minor mistake in the method page

So I was reading the method page and found something strange. It says “In order to achieve this goal we need to analyse the behavior of every single 5-state Turing machine. We quickly run into a problem: there are roughly 167 trillion 5-state Turing machines (21^10 to be exact).”

Notice it says 167 trillion and then 21^10. 21^10 is 16679880978201. Which is 16 trillion 679 billion 880 million 978 thousand 201 not 167 trillion. It’s a contradiction, what gives?

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Well caught, thank you very much!

It is indeed a mistake of mine and I have just corrected it.

Thank you for letting us know! If you are interested, we also have a quite active discord server.


It says 167 trillion again.

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You are right, I deployed the website without pulling from the github repository first!!

Its corrected now, thank you again for your vigilant eye!