Current zoology

This post maintains the list of the current zoology.

  • If you’d like to introduce a new family in the zoology please follow these steps:

    • Create a dedicated post in this category with title “[Family] family name”
    • Describe your family (it can be informal/intuitive at first but should eventually lead to a formal definition)
    • Provide example members of the family
  • If you disagree with the soundness or relevance of one of the below-listed families, please share your thoughts on its dedicated post.

The zoology is currently ordered according to an intuitive idea of the complexity of the behaviors of each family. This could be changed to an un-ordered list or to a different order (for instance the estimated or known number of members of each family).

  1. [Family] Cyclers

  2. [Family] Translated cyclers

  3. [Family] Unilateral bouncers

  4. [Family] Bilateral bouncers

  5. [Family] Translated unilateral bouncers

  6. [Family] Exponential counters

  7. [Family] Bells

Examples machines that are not classified yet: #6,490,892; #11,018,350; #9,390,305