Currently applied deciders

This post maintains the list of the deciders that have been officially applied to the seed database.

Here are the currently officially applied deciders which result in the currently undecided machines index file:

  1. [Decider] Cyclers

  2. [Decider] Translated cyclers

  3. [Decider] Backward reasoning

  4. [Decider] Halting Segment

  5. [Decider] Finite Automata Reduction

  • If you’d like to introduce a new decider for the busy beaver challenge, please:

    • Read our reproducibility and verifiability statement and the description of our reviewing process
    • Create a dedicated post in this category with title “[Decider] decider name”
    • Describe the principle of your decider
    • If relevant, link to the associated family in the zoology
    • Provide examples and counter examples machines to your decider
    • Provide a link to the code of your decider
    • When ready, provide the output of your decider as a file contain the indices of the machines it decided in the seed database
    • When ready, provide a proof of correctness of your decider
  • If you disagree with the correctness of a decider please share your thoughts on its dedicated post.

  • If you’d like to reproduce an existing decider please share your reproduction results on the dedicated category and link to the original decider’s post.

Your decider will be officially applied once it has passed reviewing process.