I think that #43.374.927 is infinite


I think I have found a proof that #43.374.927 is infinite. I am going to publish something about this on my personal website. I have written some software to verify my result and I think that the method I used could also be used for other machines. How should I proceed to get the result published here?

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That sounds very interesting as the behavior of #43,374,927 looked chaotic!

One way to proceed could be if you explain your method on the example of this specific machine in this thread and, share your program’s code and technique (we call these programs deciders) in the [Decider] Category ?

Note that we have settled on the following process for officially applying deciders.

Also, you might be interested in our Discord channel where most of the research is discussed by our members (this forum has more of a curative role to keep track of progresses).

Thank you very much!

I have published the program and the patterns proving it to be infinite (never halt) on my website
and on FransFaase/SymbolcTM github repository.

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